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AT1800 Multi Channel Amp - front view
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AT1800 Multi Channel Amp - rear view

AT3000 Series

ATI’s “Pure Balance”® technology introduces a range of models that feature true differential design; balanced from input to output. This design allows the quietest and purest reproduction of the audio signal. In the AT3000 series, power output for each module is 300 Watts RMS/ channel into 8 Ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.03% THD and I.M. distortion and 450 Watts RMS into 4 ohms with the same conditions. Each model in the series comes standard with 2 massive toroidal transformers and can be upgraded at the factory by changing power transformers, adding power modules and a new rear panel. The maximum is 7 channels.

Engineers, reviewers, and home theater enthusiasts may often disagree, but when it comes to amplifiers, there is one fact on which they all find common ground: the best possible design is the fully differential balanced amplifier. A fully differential amplifier is basically two separate amplification circuits per channel. One channel is inverted at the input and the output of each is summed allowing the speakers to be driven by a push/pull action. The benefits of this design are tremendous. It automatically rejects any noise coming in from external sources, such as radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference. It eliminates hum and reduces distortion. It also doubles the slew rate (speed) of the amplifier, for better reproduction of high frequencies and better transient performance. And. because of the push/pull output, we are able to reduce the power supply voltage (B+ and B-) to the output transistors enhancing amplifier longevity and reliability. We call this technology Pure Balance®, and we use it in the AT3000 and the AT2000 series. The result of Pure Balance technology is breathtaking. Acoustic instruments sound so natural and clear, you may think you’re hearing a live performance. The rich ambience of concert halls envelops you as never before.

In fact, the AT3005, AT3006 and AT3007 are so powerful, they cannot reach peak output from a 15-amp circuit and are supplied with a power cord designed for 20-amp use, (The AT3002, AT3003 and AT3004 are equipped with a standard 15-amp power cord.) So be forewarned, use of one of these monster amplifiers may require a change in the power receptacle to the 20-amp type.

But please don’t be confused by other competing designs. While many amplifiers have balanced, XLR-type input connectors, most simply convert the balanced input signal to unbalanced in the first amplification stage and discard most of the benefits of a balanced connection in the process. Not Pure Balance® amplifiers. ATI’s Pure Balance® amplifiers keep the signal balanced all the way from the XLR inputs to the speaker outputs.

Listen to the AT3000 series amps and we think you’ll agree that no other amplifier in the world can beat their performance and power or their price.

Remote Trigger

Protection Circuits

Toroid Transformers

Circuit Boards

Soft Start Circuitry

Power Transistors:

Power Cord

7-Year Warranty




Activated from 3.3VDC to 24 VDC via a heavy-duty relay

Optically - coupled with full automatic reset.

40% more efficient than EI type. Separate bi-filar windings for each channel guaranty lower noise and crosstalk.

Double-sided, FR-4 glass-epoxy, computer-grade boards are assembled in-house.

Ultra soft turn on reduces in-rush current to a minimum. Multiple units can be turned on without tripping circuit breakers eliminating the need for sequencing.

High-current, bi-polar output transistors with active bias circuits result in effortless operation.

Detachable, 3-wire cord.

Parts and labor against defects in parts or workmanship.

17"W X 8.75"H X 18.3"D (chassis)

88 to 138 lbs (model dependent)