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AT1202 Two-Channel Amplifier - front view
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AT1202 Two-Channel Amplifier - rear view


The AT1202 is a 2-channel power amplifier that combines rugged design attributes with audiophile-grade performance. The AT1202 delivers 120WRMS into 8 Ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.03% THD and I.M. distortion with both channels driven and 180 Watts RMS (minimum) into 4 ohms with the same conditions. Of significant importance to the custom installer is the AT1202’s stability with complex capacitive and reactive loads. Most notably, the AT1202 is designed with clip limiters that will prevent damage to speakers and in-room volume controls due to over-driven situations. Gain controls are provided for each channel

It’s not always practical to have a separate amplifier driving each speaker in a multiroom audio system, so installers often use a single amp to drive multiple speakers. This arrangement presents a tremendous load that many amplifiers cannot drive, which is why we designed the AT1202 and AT602 specifically so that they can drive several pairs of speakers without strain. Their output stages remain stable and functioning even with the complex, challenging loads that multiple speakers usually present. When these amps encounter an overload situation, they conduct themselves with grace. An optically coupled protection circuit disengages the amp’s output when it encounters an overload. The circuit checks the conditions every 10 seconds and restores output automatically when the overload is corrected, without the use of relays.

The AT1202 includes a remote trigger feature, which is rare on stereo amps. The remote trigger allows other devices, such as surround-sound preamp/ processors and multiroom audio controllers, to turn the AT1202 on and off automatically.

You can stack 10 of these amps for a multiroom audio system without having to worry about tripping the house circuit breaker when they’re turned on. ATI’s Ultra Soft Turn-On circuit gradually powers up the amplifiers to reduce the current load. You won’t even see the lights dim!

Remote Trigger

Protection Circuits

Toroid Transformers

Circuit Boards

Soft Start Circuitry

Power Transistors:

Power Cord

7-Year Warranty




Activated from 3.3VDC to 24 VDC via a heavy-duty relay

Optically - coupled with full automatic reset.

40% more efficient than EI type. Separate bi-filar windings for each channel guaranty lower noise and crosstalk.

Double-sided, FR-4 glass-epoxy, computer-grade boards are assembled in-house.

Ultra soft turn on reduces in-rush current to a minimum. Multiple units can be turned on without tripping circuit breakers eliminating the need for sequencing.

High-current, bi-polar output transistors with active bias circuits result in effortless operation.

Detachable, 3-wire cord.

Parts and labor against defects in parts or workmanship.

17"W X 3.5"H X 12"D (chassis)